Teak Garden Furniture

Teak and Oak Garden Furniture

Real hand crafted Teak furniture, constructed of the finest quality plantation grown Tectona Grandis buy skilled master craftsmen who take great pride in their work. No other wood compares to teak when it comes to durability,
elegance, stability and low maintenance. It arrives a honey blond color and after one or two seasons outdoors, will turn soft silver gray. And it stays like that forever, without warping, twisting, rotting or splintering. Knot free, beautifully grained, smooth to the touch, pleasing to the eye and quality crafted from the inside out, your furniture will never need replacing.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak is a deciduous tree, which grows in dry hilly terrains of forests in Southeast Asia. It cannot grow in rain forest. The best hardwood teak comes from Indonesia, grown in tree farms and not natural forests. Still, from planting to harvesting of a mature tree may be 50 years so seedlings are planted often to balance out the harvest and maintain a plentiful supply of the wood. Recently there have been other companies offering similar furniture made of various obscure woods, claiming these woods to be “teak-like”, “as good as teak”, “family of teak” – one even says “better
than teak”. Folks, it just isn’t “better than teak”. For centuries teak has been famous as the finest wood there is for demanding outdoor use – on yachts and decade old benches in the gardens and parks around the world

Teak Chairs

Nothing complements a beautiful garden like a teak garden bench or chair. And few things allow a family or group of friends the enjoyable experience of a garden setting better than a teak table and chairs.
Wood has the ability work with any natural setting. Not only does teak work aesthetically, but it also withstands the elements and ages with grace.

We feature only the highest quality, plantation-grown teak furniture — all of it is built from premier quality Javanese Tectona Grandis, or true teak which the origin people call it “JATI”.

Unlike the many types of tropical hardwood available today mistakenly called “Teak,” Tectona Grandis has superior qualities of grain, oil, color, strength and durability.

Plantation-grown Javanese teak is also a renewable resource, with nearly nine times more wood planted each year than is harvested. True teak, unlike its many less expensive imitators, cannot grow in tropical rain forests and is grown instead in the dry highlands of Java.