Pool Maintenance Is Important

One of the key aspects of having a nice backyard is having a nice clean swimming pool or hot tub. What is the point of having a amazing patio furniture from a reputable furniture company, if your swimming pool has not been taken care of and looks terrible?┬áLet’s face it, the swimming pool is the centerpiece of a properly landscaped property. If you have a gazebo, patio cover, or even a fancy BBQ island, it means nothing if your guests can’t enjoy a perfectly clean swimming pool.

It’s not just about appearances either. You don’t want people going into a body of water that hasn’t been properly treated to make sure that no one gets sick. There are all kinds of water-borne illnesses and parasites that can latch onto loved ones, and make it especially dangerous for small kids and pets who might end up in the water. There is nothing worse than seeing when people buy our furniture to make an improvement on their property or increase their level of comfort when entertaining guests, but sometimes things don’t add up.

A few of our readers have sent photos of their backyards with products that look similar to ours, but are just cheaper versions that aren’t made with the same workmanship. We notice that in most, if not all of these photos, there are several things about the backyard that looks terrible. It’s almost like these customers are always looking for a way to cut corners, and not spend the money required to do the job correctly. Instead, we see email after email, from people who found a bootleg version of our patio furniture, but the gazebo is outdated, or the swimming pool is dirty and green, or even worse, completely black to the point that no one should even think of dipping their toe in the water.

We always ask, why bother? Seriously, the first thing you should do before buying high-end patio furniture has a professional pool cleaning service take a look at your pool if you already have one. If you are thinking about building a pool, or a portable hot tub, feel free to ask us questions about your shopping process, and we may be able to refer you to a reputable pool cleaning service, pool builder, pool contractor, or hot tub distributor in your area.

We suggest finding a reliable pool contractor in your area and gathering a few quotes before making a selection on one company to hire. Even after you choose one pool cleaning company, you may not like them in a couple of months, and want to move on to another pool technician. It makes sense to have a good idea on what to expect in each scenario. The simple tasks are pretty much the same, it’s all about whether or not you feel like you are getting the best value for what you pay per month and per service.

No matter what you decide, it makes sense to explore all aspects of your backyard and leave no stone unturned. You will be amazed by how much things will improve just by adding a few plants, or removing dead shrubs, or even making sure your pool is clean. Once you add our award winning furniture, you have the winning scenario. All you need to do is find a way to have a TV installed in your backyard, and protect it from the elements. We might talk about that in more detail in another post.

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