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A site specializing in quality Outdoor Garden Furniture and decorating products that will enhance any backyard.

Our outdoor garden furniture products are constructed by skilled craftsmen using the finest Cedar, Teak, and
Oak woods. Combine the classic styling with the craftsmanship of days gone by, and the result is a piece
of furniture that will make a powerful statement in any outdoor garden environment as well as bring years of
enjoyment to the entire family.

Many accessories are offered to compliment the selective outdoor garden furniture shown at My
Family Harvest and we add new garden furniture products often. We are constantly looking for
quality outdoor furniture and garden accessories that can be offered to our friends and customers.
Our standards are demanding as we select new products and furniture and outdoor related
accessories must be of the highest quality before we will offer them at My Family Harvest.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we stand behind all of the products we offer.

Red Cedar Garden Furniture

Internationally renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties, Western Red Cedar
(WRC) is one of world’s most unique and sought after materials of the softwood species. This exceptionally
beautiful wood has natural coloring ranging from light Amber to Deep Honey Brown. Western Red Cedar
contains natural oils that act as preservatives helping to protect against insects and decay. It is light weight
and has superior resistance to warping, cupping, twisting while shrinking and swelling minimally with
changes in moisture.

WRC is easy to finish. It can be left unfinished and allowed to turn lovely tones of silver/grey.
Or it finishes to a richly glowing surface that can be enhanced with transparent/translucent or solid stains. Western Red Cedar is the preferred material for all outdoor uses such as fencing, decking, siding, and especially Garden Furniture.

Constructed of Clear Western Red Cedar
Contoured seats and backs on selected models
Rounded edges and sanded finish
Zinc plated hardware
Handcrafted for properly fitting parts with per-
drilled holes in the unassembled kits
Offered as a kit or partially assembled
Easy to follow instructions included
Quality guaranteed
Manufactured in Canada
Shipped UPS Ground

White Cedar Garden Furniture

Handcrafted in the Adirondacks
Kiln dried northern white cedar
Mortise-and-tenon joinery
Outstanding craftsmanship
Classic design
Fits in any setting
Multiple uses
Easy to assemble
Can be finished

Contemporary Teak

If your furniture is to be used indoors away from natural sunlight, it will gradually become a darker shade of brown over a period of 6 to 12 months.

If on the other hand, the furniture is left outdoors, the effects of the suns rays will ‘bleach out’ the timbers natural color gradually turning it a soft silvery grey. This silvery grey ‘patina’ which develops over time gives Teak Outdoor Furniture it’s distinctive appearance. The resulting color from this natural ageing process is considered to be very
attractive, and allows the furniture to blend in well with many outdoor environments.

Teak outdoor furniture left in this state is easily maintained, and needs no treatment whatsoever to give many years of service. Teak furniture is basically maintenance free.

Teak Benches

Teak has a beautiful golden to dark brown and sometimes reddish brown pigment. It’s grain is usually straight but
may at times appear somewhat wavy. Teak is rich in natural oils, easily worked, and dresses to a very smooth
finish. Due to its natural oils, teak is very durable and resistant to moisture and the drying effects of exposure to

Teak is unique in that it does not cause rust or corrode when in contact with metal. Teak is a very valuable prized wood throughout the world and is sought for use in decks, trim, detail work in expensive boats, fine furniture, flooring, carving, joinery, cabinetwork, paneling, turnery and veneer.

The natural characteristic of teak are its durability in all weather conditions, extremely dense grain,and it’s resistance to rot, warping, shrinking and swelling. Teak’s high natural oil content continually preserves the wood so it can be left outdoors for decades. Because of teak’s durability in all weather conditions, it has been used as ship decking and in bench construction for years.

The decking on many ships has been found in such good condition when the ships were about to be scrapped that the wood was recycled and made into outdoor furniture. Teak continues to be used for these purposes today and we are proud to offer these fine garden furniture products.

Besides it’s durability, teak furniture is very smooth and does not splinter. The color of teak also stays very neutral in all weather conditions, whether exposed to the sun or cold winter days. It also maintains a pleasant aroma for years and years.